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The Bible calls upon church leaders to “shepherd” and “give attention to” the flock of God (Acts 20:28; 1 Peter 5:2). As Jesus is the Good Shepherd who cares for his sheep, so he appoints others to do this work on his behalf. This care involves spiritual nurture and protection, but also attendance to material needs. 

At Lansdale Presbyterian we have two offices that cover these two important aspects of shepherding. Our elders oversee and carry out the ministry of the word of God and of prayer. Our deacons supervise and implement the ministry of mercy to assist those who are needy. Elders and deacons are grouped into shepherding teams and each team has oversight for a different shepherding group within our congregation.

Our hope is that every member of our church will know that they are cared about, prayed for, and have someone to turn to in times of hardship, uncertainty, personal struggle, and need. 

With the help of the Good Shepherd we strive to be faithful in the work of shepherding the flock of God.
Four-fold Purpose of Shepherding Ministry
Encourage people in their commitment to Christ and his church

Guide people in the application of God’s word to their lives

Assist/Support the spiritually and materially needy

Provide a vehicle of communication between the congregation and the leaders

As shepherds, we commit ourselves to:
Know the sheep through regular visits and contacts

Feed the sheep through teaching and counsel from God’s word

Lead the sheep into lives of holiness, prayer, and care for the poor

Protect the sheep against ungodly teachings and lifestyles

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