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After his resurrection from the dead Jesus announced that all authority in heaven and on earth had been given to him, and that on this basis we should go into all the earth to call others to follow Jesus, teaching them to observe all that he commanded. The call to follow Jesus comes with the promise that all who believe in him will enjoy a never-ending life of joy with him in the eternal kingdom of God.

At Lansdale Presbyterian we see the spread of the good news about Jesus as a primary calling. And so we encourage one another to:

  - Pray for the work of outreach within our community and throughout the world
  - Give of our finances and talents to support this work
  - Personally tell others about Jesus
  - Invite others to visit our gatherings to hear the good news of Jesus
  - Make our church community a place where all who gather with us feel welcome and loved
  - Support and encourage those who engage as full-time laborers in the work of evangelism and 

There is good news to tell. It is the news that Jesus has come to save sinners and bring them back to God. It is the news that he is coming again to complete the saving work that he has begun and to bring justice upon the earth.  
Believing that no one can escape the miseries of this life, including death itself, or have lasting peace and joy apart from a restored relationship with God, we actively proclaim the good news that Jesus has come to take away sins and bring us back to God.
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