Amazingly, God values artistic expression so much that he wants all of us to do it, whether professional or amateur, with joy (Ps. 67:4), originality (Ps. 96:1), and intellect (1 Cor. 14:15).  
Does LPC have a place for you to be involved in the music? Certainly! The Scriptures teach that we should all sing praises to God, even Jesus sang hymns with his disciples. Our worship service includes the singing of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs (Eph. 5:19, Col. 3:16).  

Our ongoing music ministries are the Worship Band, the Handbell Choir, and the Choir.  We welcome your involvement in the Worship and Music life at LPC. 

The Worship Band provides music during our worship service.  It features a variety of instruments including guitar, percussion, piano, and woodwinds, as well as vocalists.  For more information, speak with Band Leader, JJ Zeller. 

The Choir welcomes members from high school age on up.  They gather for practice each Wednesday evening at 6:30pm and enjoy a time of rehearsal, fellowship and prayer.  The group also sings for special services such as Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Easter.  For more information, speak with Choir Leader, Suzy Leigel.  

The Handbell Choir has been performing in our church for several years.  Although many experienced ringers return each year to participate, newcomers are always welcome.  For more information, speak with Bell Choir Leader, Ginny Whitney.
Music Leaders

Worship Band
Handbell Choir
Oh sing to the Lord 
a new song; 
sing to the Lord, 
all the earth! 
 - Psalm 96:1
Worship Band
Bell Choir
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