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Your donation can make a difference! 

There is a need.  Lansdale Presbyterian Church’s vision includes being both a spiritual and physical blessing to the community around us. During these challenging days, one way we can do that is through our blood drive where we invite our community to participate with us to give much needed blood for use back in our community. Due to the temporary closing of many businesses in our area due to the Stay At Home order, many previously scheduled blood drives have been canceled. This is our chance to step up and fill a gap in blood donations.

This is where YOU can help.  Whether you’ve ever given blood before or have done so regularly, your donation will help us reach our goal and keep the blood supplies from running low. If you are unsure if you are eligible to give, please visit the Red Cross eligibility requirements web page for more information.

Join our community in donating!  We’ll be working together to give back to the community in a truly life changing way since each donation we collect can save up to three lives.  To register, please use the button on the right.

Thank you,

The Blood Drive Committee
Janice, Marilyn, and Phil 

Lansdale Presbyterian Church  |  450 Oak Park Road  |  Hatfield, PA 19440  |  215.368.1119  |  lansdalepres@lansdalepres.org