Sunday School Class 
Starting at 9am via Zoom
August 2020 
The Book of Malachi
Lansdale Presbyterian Church  |  450 Oak Park Road  |  Hatfield, PA 19440  |  215.368.1119  |
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The prophet Malachi gets the last word in the Old Testament. He was among the post-exilic prophets who prophesied to the people of Israel after their return to Palestine following seventy years in exile. Jewish people consider him to be the last of the prophets, and his ministry was probably mid-5th century BC, after the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple that had been destroyed by the Babylonians. The book of Malachi consists of six speeches calling for spiritual renewal among a people who had all but given up on God. Topics range from half-hearted worship, marriage with unbelievers, robbing God, divorce, oppressing the poor, and depriving the helpless of justice. All of these are matters that continue to be relevant to us today. Join us to hear what God has to say to our lives through his prophet.

Teacher: Rev. David Brewer
Location: This will be an online class, using Zoom. 
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