Sunday School Classes 
Winter 2019
All Classes begin at 9:15am
The Book of Revelation
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Though many people find the book of Revelation intimidating, it is actually understandable. God wrote it for our encouragement. Focusing on the big picture and the core message of the book, this class will provide an accessible and practical look into this book written by the apostle John. It will show that Revelation was intended to be a picture book, and not a puzzle book. Attention will be given to the relevance and application of its message to the daily lives of Christians.

Teacher: Dr. Vern Poythress, author of The Returning King: A Guide to the Book of Revelation
Location: Gym
Our God is a merciful God, showing kindness and love to all of his creatures. At the present time he is good to all, even to his enemies, and he calls us to be like him in this. In an official way, the mercy ministry of our church is led by the deacons, but this ministry of showing kindness and help to others belongs to all of us who follow Christ. 

In this class we will look at the biblical call to show mercy, discuss real life case studies, explore practical ways in which we can carry out this important call to love our neighbor, and grow in our understanding of the ministry of mercy at our church. This class is for anyone who wants a deeper knowledge and engagement in the important deed ministry of our church.

Teacher: Pastor Tom Keane
Location: Library
The Ministry of Mercy