Sunday School Class 
Starting at 9am - In-person and via Zoom
September 2020 
Engaging Culture through Movies: A Christian Perspective
Lansdale Presbyterian Church  |  450 Oak Park Road  |  Hatfield, PA 19440  |  215.368.1119  |
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Stories are powerful. They draw us in. We almost can’t help but pay attention to a good story. Movies are fundamentally stories. Combining a good story with all that movies offer including moving images, music, special effects, cinematography and so on, they are very powerful and represent a significant part of popular culture. The movie industry generated 42.5 billion dollars in global box office sales in 2019.  

It’s safe to say that movies are a huge part of our culture. How do we understand what movies mean to our culture? How should we interact with them? What do they say about our culture? What is the Bible's perspective on movies? We’ll explore these questions and more as we examine movies through a Christian lens.  

Teacher: Elder JJ Zeller
Location: This will meet in-person in the Worship Center, and is offered via Zoom. 
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