Sunday School Class 
Winter 2020 (January 5 - March 29)
All Classes begin at 9:15am
A Survey of the Bible - Part 2
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This is not a course in “How to Understand the Bible for Dummies”! The course is designed to give an overview of each of the books of the Bible and how each book fits into God’s Covenant with His people. 

We will take a look at the structure of the Bible, ways to read the Bible, resources to help you to understand various passages, the influence of the Bible on the English language, and other humorous and trivia items of interest. 

After surveying the Old Testament and as time allows, we will very briefly survey the Apocrypha, the Deuterocanonical (second canon) books and the intertestamental period (the two centuries between the Old and New Testaments). The final part of the course will look at the New Testament as expanding and fulfilling the promises of the old covenant in the new covenant. Finally, we will survey the life and ministry of Jesus (His death, resurrection and ascension) and the message of Jesus and the Apostles as they spell out what we are to believe and how we are to live as well as our future in Christ. We will conclude with only one millennial view, Pan-millennialism – it will all pan out in the end!

Teacher: Rev. David Brewer
Location: Library

Blessed Are The Peacemakers 
Conflict is unavoidable in life. How we work through the disagreements and offenses we encounter can either foster peace and bring honor to others, or it can prolong and even deepen the conflict. This course will look at what the Bible says about peacemaking and give practical steps for how we can be peacemakers especially in our homes and in our church. Topics to be discussed will include: 

Join us as we equip one another to respond to conflict in our relationships at home and church.

Teacher: Dr. Alfred Poirier
Location: Gym
Confessing Christ 
This study addresses the Bible, Christ, repentance and faith, the Christian life, the church, sacraments and prayer. Using the book Confessing Christ as the text, this class covers the basic teaching of our church. Whether you are seeking membership, looking for a refresher course on the fundamentals of the faith, or just inquiring what we believe, this class is for you.

Teacher: Rev. Tom Keane
Location: Conference Room