We are a local congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America seeking to gather a community to live for Christ. We believe and teach the Bible as the inspired and inerrant Word of God. As a confessional church, we are committed to the historic doctrines of the protestant Reformation as contained in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.

Our primary purpose is to bring glory to God, and so we engage in lively Christ-centered worship, using both traditional and contemporary styles.  God’s people must be equipped for service and godly living in the world, and our aim is to be a church that presents the whole counsel of God in a clear and practical way, emphasizing a Biblical world and life view.

For over 55 years, we have been a community committed to worshipping God and serving those around us.  We strive to be a place where all will feel welcome to come and grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.  We hope you’ll join us this weekend for worship at 10:30am.  Everyone is welcome!
Gathering a community to live for Christ. 

Gathering a Community.  A life lived for Christ can only be fully lived in communion with God and in community with one another. Therefore, we seek to gather a community where God is present and in which loving Christ-like relationships are actively pursued.

To Live for Christ.  Our love for Christ becomes the central motive for all that we do. In keeping with this, our thoughts, words and actions become defined by his commands.
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Lansdale Presbyterian Church  |  450 Oak Park Road  |  Hatfield, PA 19440  |  215.368.1119  |  lansdalepres@lansdalepres.org
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Encourage. We aspire to be a community that openly acknowledges the challenges of living for Christ in this present world. Together, we commit ourselves to encourage one another with God’s Word, with prayer, and with acts and words of kindness.

Grow.  We know we haven’t ‘arrived’ and we aspire to be a community that is always growing in what it means to live for Christ. Our goal is to become like Christ and to increasingly reflect his wisdom, goodness and love.

Equip.  Our goal is to teach and model to one another what God’s Word says about how to live in a comprehensive way, practically applying God’s truth to every sphere of life.

Go.  Living for Christ extends beyond Sunday morning. We live for Christ in our families, at work, school and in the community. In this way, others may experience the goodness and grace of God and be drawn to him. It also involves telling others the good news about Christ and inviting them to live for him.